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History Of The VW Bay Window Transporter (T2)

Taking the lion share of the light commercial market (around 40%) the Kombi has proved massively successful in Brazil, a lot of this is probably due to the vehicles fantastic value, at around 6500 Euros for a new one. December 23rd 2005 saw the end of aircooled Kombi production in Brazil, with a new “Total-Flex” engine being produced, based on a VW Polo 1400cc watercooled inline 4 cylinder unit, producing around 79bhp on pump petrol, and around 80bhp when run on ethanol (easily available in Brazil as a product of refined sugarcane), the necessitated the vehicle to have two fuel tanks (one on each side).

Up until 2013, Brazilian Kombis were still available in Brazil. Mexican Bays VW de Mexico produced their first Type 2s for the home market on October 1st 1971, in Puebla, one of VW’s largest overseas manufacturing plants. VW had been manufacturing the Beetle in Puebla up to 2003. From initial production the bay had been available in Kombi (called Combi in Mexico) and Panel van (Panel) in Mexico.


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