VW Beetle Cabrio Accessories

History Of The VW Beetle

For 1973 the 1303 remained unchanged, but the smaller models were to undergo their most major changes since 1967. The basic 1200 model received the 1303 rear lights on redesigned rear wings, black bumpers with silver trim in a similar shape to the 1303 style, and the horn grilles had been discontinued.

The 1200L had chrome bumpers, and side trim, through ventilation, two-speed wipers, reverse lights, swiveling sun-visor for the driver, and a drivers door armrest and pocket. The 1200L was available with either a 34bhp or 44bhp motor. The 1303 was available in a variety of trim levels; 1303A, a cheaply priced version of the “big beetle”, 1303 body style, black bumpers, simple interior fittings, 34bhp motor.

The 1303L, 44bhp, with luxury package, 1303S, 50bhp, the 1303LS, 50bhp and luxury package. During ’72 VW introduced 2 limited editions, 1 based on the 1200, and one based on the 1303, respectively the Jeans (1200cc, yellow, with black “jeans” graphics, and denim trimmed interior) and the Yellow and Black Racer (50hp, leather steering wheel, sports seats, sports wheels, yellow with black bonnet and deck-lid).


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