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VW Beetle Cabriolet 1950-80

VW Beetle Cabriolet 1950-80

Beetle Cabriolet accessories and 1302 / 1303 model specific parts

Certain parts on 1302, 1303 and Cabriolet Beetles are specific to those models, and will be listed accordingly – either under separate sub-sections, or with a model-specific note in the part description. Where no separate 1302 / 1303 / Cabriolet parts are shown, the standard Beetle sedan parts are usually correct. If you have any questions about which parts are correct for your Cabrio, simply click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our expert sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours, we will be happy to help.

History Of The VW Beetle

The export models now featured more chrome/aluminium accents in the form of door trims, side and rear window trims. A new decklid handle had also been fitted. On the inside, there was an all new dashboard, the interior light had moved to the B pillar above the door, from between the rear windows, the export model now had a black horn push with a gold Wolfsburg crest, lights and wipers were now operated by pull switches.

Engine wise; the inlet manifold was now pre-heated, export models featured a syncromesh on 2nd, 3rd & 4th gears. Wheel diameter went from 16” to 15”. Of all the Beetles made in 1952, 41.4 were exported, and by the end of the year, daily production was at 734.


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